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Ginger - Indian Surprise

Ginger - Indian Surprise

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Includes: 3 Ginger tubers

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White & Pink Ginger Tubers for Sale | Indian Surprise

If you hold an affinity for the quirky and unusual wonders of the horticultural world, then you're going to love Indian Surprise! This variety of Hidden Cone Ginger is appreciated for its uniqueness, yielding brilliantly colored bracts lasting for weeks and weeks. The eye-catching bracts flaunt stunning shades of white and pink with wide, tropical foliage surrounding them.

Indian Surprise is considered a hardy type of Ginger, but take that with a grain of salt because this beauty won't make it through a Cleveland, OH winter. This clump-forming plant is easy to grow and quick to capture attention. Give it a place to shine in dappled sun to light shade with average soil. Enjoy!

Easy to Grow Features:

  • Zone: 8-11
  • Height: 24-48 in.
  • Spacing: 18-24 in.
  • Sunlight: Partial Sun to Partial Shade
  • Water: Moderate to High; Low in Dormancy
  • Flowering Time: Summer
  • Flower Color: White & Pink
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  • Planting Depth
  • Planting Proximity
  • Planting Season
  • Plant Benefits
    Unique tropical interest.
  • Water Quantity
    Moderate to High; Low in dormancy
  • Bloom Season
  • Sunlight Quantity
    Partial Sun to Partial Shade
  • Hardiness Zones
    Zones 8-11