Collection: Tuberose

If you're a gardener who loves a sweet, floral fragrant flower, you'll flip for Tuberose. Known as one of the most fragrant flowers grown in the world, Tuberose, produces clusters of stunning, large, pure white, exceptionally strong and enticing fragrant blooms on stalks that can reach 4 feet in height. The unopened buds may have a pinkish tint on the tops, especially if it is of the ‘Pearl’ double tuberose plant variety. Traditionally used in Hawaii for leis with its beautiful pure white flowers and complex, exotic, sweet, floral fragrance, Tuberose is very popular as a wedding and cut flower. Native to Mexico, Tuberose is ideally suited to warm weather gardening, but northern gardeners with a warm sunny site can grow them just as well.  If you're a gardener who loves fragrant blooms, you're going to want Tuberose in your garden.

Why We Love Tuberose

  • They boast intoxicating fragrance, perfect for garden or indoor cultivation.
  • Tuberose blooms feature a timeless elegance and delicate, star-shaped appearance.
  • These bulbs thrive in warm climates, adding exotic charm to any garden.

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