They say the Earth laughs in flowers, and that must be true because here at Easy to Grow Bulbs, we haven't stopped smiling since 2004. We're a family-owned and operated business dedicated to working directly with some of the most influential and reliable growers worldwide to bring the best quality bulbs and plants straight to your doorstep.

From Humble Beginnings

What's now a large, blooming business started as a small group of plant enthusiasts operating out of an even smaller warehouse in Oceanside, California. Over the years, Easy to Grow Bulbs has grown into an online store offering top-notch products to home gardeners and wholesale shoppers. Now, powered by plants and a love for transforming landscapes, our tight-knit crew happily shows up to work every day to help bring your garden visions to fruition.

Friends in Far Places

We search high and low to provide our customers with the best, premium quality bulbs and plants. This mission led us to source plants from Holland, Israel, South Africa, and some incredible places right here in the United States. While some of these bulbs are popular among gardeners, others are vastly underutilized, and some even downright strange. But because we believe that weird is wonderful, we strive to present a healthy balance between the tried-and-true favorites and the lesser-known, more unique plants.

Powered by Plant People

Easy to Grow Bulbs includes an outstanding team of knowledgeable gardeners who offer warm, personalized consideration to every customer. And this level of support extends far beyond the purchase of bulbs, perennials, potted plants, succulents, and gifts. We offer complimentary growing guides to ensure the success of your new plants and even have a horticulture expert available to answer any additional questions.