Collection: Eremurus

Gorgeous & Vibrant Eremurus Roots for Sale Online Eremurus, also known as Desert Candles or Foxtail Lilies, feature tall, slender spires embellished with thousands of tiny florets. The dramatic flower stalks reach up to 8 feet tall and bloom from late spring to early summer. Not only are they guaranteed to evoke reactions from enthusiastic onlookers, but they're also highly attractive to pollinators. Resistant to hungry critters and drought tolerant, Eremurus prefer rich, well-draining soil with bright sunlight and wind protection but are otherwise quite low-maintenance. Set your landscape ablaze with these fiery focal points!

Why We Love Eremurus

  • Their majestic spires of blooms effortlessly steal the spotlight.
  • Eremurus bulbs bring drama and elegance to any garden landscape.
  • They're low-maintenance perennials, perfect for creating eye-catching focal points.

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