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Long-Lived Peony Roots Peonies are exceptionally long lived plants and can grow almost anywhere, making them outstanding backbones in your garden's overall design. Well cared for peonies can last over 100 years, and survive well into zone 2’s freezing winters. With hundreds of varieties of peonies for sale, from classic varieties to brand new peony varieties with blooms in colors including corals, yellows and pinks, there's truly a peony for every taste and color scheme. Fragrant blooms also vary in shape from single to double flowering. Peonies don't grow well in extremely warm, wet climates. Everyone else, plant with abandon! Deer and rodent resistant.

Why We Love Peonies

  • Peonies are drought-tolerant
  • They’re great for containers of all sizes
  • They attract pollinators, making a great addition to your garden

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