Collection: Voodoo Lilies (Amorphophallus)

Amorphophallus are perhaps the most astonishing of the Aroid family – and among the most bizarre of all plants on the planet. With the sudden emergence of the enormous blooms, comes a frankly unpleasant odor designed (effectively) to attract flies as pollinators.  The scent fades rapidly, while the blooms last well.  After a month or more, look for extraordinary palmate leaves to develop on a highly patterned “petiole” – what would be a trunk if these were the miniature trees these sometimes appear to be.  Amorphophallus are a strange, exciting, show-stopping addition to any shady garden.  Are you up for it?

Why We Love Voodoo Lilies (Amorphophallus)

  • They captivate with unique, exotic blooms that intrigue and surprise.
  • Voodoo Lilies add a touch of mystery and drama to any garden.
  • They offer stunning, unforgettable displays with minimal care requirements.

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