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Ready to try a new type of houseplant that requires very minimal care? Well, look no further than these gorgeous Tillandsias! Often referred to as Air Plants, these botanical beauties need no soil at all to grow and are remarkably low-maintenance. Unlike other plants, they use their "roots" to cling to other plants or structures, while tiny scales on their leaves absorb water and nutrients directly from the air. Native to the forests, mountains, and deserts of South and Central America, Tillandsias offer an exotic look with engaging shapes, captivating fragrances, and endless arrangement possibilities. Do you have someone in mind that would love one of these lovely, living structures? Please take a look at our incredible air plant gifts!

Why We Love Tillandsia

  • They require minimal care, perfect for busy plant lovers.
  • Air Plants come in diverse shapes, colors, and textures.
  • These hardy plants thrive in a variety of environments, indoors and out.

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