Collection: Rain Lilies (Zephyranthes)

Zephyranthes, is a tropical wildflower commonly known as Rain Lilies because they tend to bloom after a significant rain. Rain lilies are petite, 1-2 inch crocus-like flowers reaching 4-10” tall above a tuft of outward-spreading, narrow, grass-like, green leaves.  Ranging in colors of pink, yellow and white, multiple flowers bloom on each stem from late spring through early fall, sometimes earlier during rainy seasons.  Regular watering is important to keep the grass-like foliage lush and healthy. Once they’re established in their bed or container, foliage will spread and blooms multiply adding brilliant color wherever planted.  Several types of rain lilies are available in a range of colors.  Bloom time will vary by variety, but basically, their care is the same.

Why We Love Rain Lilies (Zephyranthes)

  • They bloom prolifically after rain showers, adding surprise bursts of color.
  • Rain lilies are resilient and low-maintenance.
  • The petite blooms create charming accents in rock gardens or borders.

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