Collection: Dahlia

Dahlias are incredibly easy to grow and provide some of the biggest and most spectacular blooms in the garden.   In just a single season, Dahlia plants grow into a full and lush bush, opening their brilliant, abundant blooms non-stop from midsummer through the fall.  With thousands of dahlia varieties to choose from, you can find them in a rainbow of unique colors, different styles and unexpected flower shapes. Dahlias range from the miniatures, just a few inches tall with the 2-inch lollipop-style pompons to the huge-flowered "Dinnerplates" with their wonderful big glossy-leaved plants that grow up to five feet and bloom with flowers 10 to 12 inches across. As other annuals and perennials start to fade, Dahlias begin to bloom, stunning and impressive, all the way to the first frost. Prolific bloomers, be sure to have your garden shears on hand for creating magnificent bouquets that are sure to amaze!  

Why We Love Dahlia

  • Dahlias bloom in a stunning array of vibrant colors.
  • You'll love their long-lasting blooms from summer to fall.
  • They make perfect cut flowers, brightening any arrangement or bouquet.

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