Collection: Japanese Iris

Architecturally exquisite and stunningly colorful, Japanese Iris' bring an air of elegance wherever they're planted. These graceful perennials may appear fragile, but they're actually quite tough in nature. They're remarkably hardy, resistant to rodents and deer, and exceptionally tolerant of moist soil. What more could we possibly ask for? Plant these show-stoppers beside a pond, where other plants may struggle, and enjoy double the beauty in their reflection. The blossoms, ranging in color from deep blue and periwinkle to light pink and pure-white, are positively breathtaking. Upright foliage with clean lines surrounds the flawless, colorful flowers and lends the illusion of them floating above the rest of the garden. Truly magnificent!

Why We Love Japanese Iris

  • They boast exquisite, intricate blooms that add elegance to any garden.
  • Japanese Iris thrive in moist soil and are relatively low-maintenance.
  • They instantly create a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

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