Collection: Gladiolus

Gladiolus are truly breathtaking in your garden!  Producing elegant, 3-foot flower spikes with orchid-like blooms, these easy-to-grow bulbs reach heights of  2 to 5 feet.  Gladiolus bloom in a wide array of gorgeous colors, ranging from white, yellow, orange, pink and lavender, to rose, burgundy, purple and green, Glads are also available in many bi-colors.   They require little ground space, due to their upright growth habit, and will produce a big show wherever they're planted.  Gladiolus begin to bloom in late summer when perennials are starting to fade. The elegant spikes of color stand tall among other plants, adding both color and vertical interest. They are spectacular cut flowers and equally beautiful in perennial gardens, annual flower borders, container gardens and even vegetable gardens. Once the flowers fade, the sword-like foliage continues to be an attractive addition to the garden.

Why We Love Gladiolus

  • Gladiolus offers a dazzling array of vibrant, towering flower spikes.
  • They're easy to grow and versatile, ideal for both gardens and bouquets.
  • The long-lasting blooms bring elegance and charm to any space.

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