Collection: Dichelostemma

Spectacular spikes of flowers ranging in tones from bright pink to sultry scarlet make Dichelostemma a must-have in the gardening world. This delightfully dainty wildflower, sometimes called firecracker plant, is native to the American Northwest, with a high concentration in northern California. Growing from hardy corms and blooming in late spring, each impressive flower spike reaches 16-25" tall with up to 8 tubular blooms per stem. Surrounding the charming flowers is an array of narrow, grass-like foliage, which sprouts early in the season and disappears as the blossoms open. You won't be the only one admiring these dependable Northwest natives; they're also highly attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds!

Why We Love Dichelostemma

  • They're charming bulbs with unique, tubular flowers in vivid colors.
  • You'll appreciate their resilience and ability to naturalize effortlessly.
  • Dichelostemma are versatile, adding pops of color to any garden.

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