How to Create the Garden Harvest Palette

How to Create the Garden Harvest Palette

 Image provided by Lisa Ziesing for Abby Jiu Photography

A wooden pallet, some twinkly lights and plenty of plants can turn an ordinary backyard patio into something quite delightful. It’s an easy weekend project, and the result makes relaxing outdoors or dining al fresco extra special.

The Pallet

Purchase a wood pallet or repurpose one to get started. If going the free pallet route, make sure the pallet hasn’t been used for storing chemicals or other hazardous material. If there’s any sort of spill on the pallet, don’t take it home. Check for any markings on the pallet – no markings is good news. That means the wood hasn’t been treated. If the pallet is marked either DB or HT, that’s fine, too. It simply means the pallet has been debarked or heat treated, both of which are safe.

Sanding and Staining

Sand the pallet prior to staining. If you plan to grow edible plants on the pallet, staining and sealing is all that’s required. Use polyurethane for added protection against the elements if you’re just planning to incorporate non-edible plants.

Choosing Plants

Choose a theme for your plant specimens. You could use the pallet for an herb garden, making it both attractive and practical. Lemongrass, stevia, mint mojito, other types of mint and bay laurel are just a few possibilities for a potted herb garden.  

A white flower scheme might include paperwhites, tuberose or baby’s breath. The latter’s daintiness serves as a nice contrast to any larger flowers. When going monochromatic, it's important that the flowers have some sort of distinction to create visual interest, such as difference in size and textures.

If you’re aiming for fragrance, tuberoses and jasmine fill the air with their intoxicating aromas. Consider a vine, such as the scented Passionflower, to grow around the pallet. Such vines attract butterflies, adding even more visual interest to your creation.

Attaching Plants

Screw purpose- made pot holders into the pallet to hold plants.


Although candles look very pretty on a garden pallet, actually lighting them could prove dangerous. To illuminate your creation, use electronic tea lights instead. Drape them around the pallet for lovely evening sparkle.

Easy to Mount

By simply propping up the pallet and using a couple of heavy potted plants at the base to keep it steady, you have an attractive and safe design even if you aren’t particularly handy. There’s no necessity to hang it with wire or other item to keep it upright. The result is an outdoor friendly piece of patio art.

For those who love DIY crafts, make sure to check back in the coming months as we will be providing you with more projects to spruce up your garden!

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