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Jasmine Plants For Sale Online | Jasminum (Fragrant) Famous throughout the ages for its otherworldly scent, Jasmine blooms in explosive, tiny, fragrant flower clusters. Falls of delicate white blooms air their aroma in the summer months and plants typically grow as sprawling vines that can be trained to climb, or kept trimmed into tidy mounds of handsome foliage. Contrary to popular belief, Jasmine can be deciduous, dropping their leaves in the colder months, or stay evergreen depending on climate and variety. Native to the tropics, Jasmine grow best in zones 9 - 10 but cold hardy varieties exist that can tolerate cold down to zone 6. In cooler areas Jasmine can also be grown in containers and enjoyed indoors during the winter.   

Why We Love Jasmine

  • Jasmine's fragrant flowers perfume the air with their enchanting scent.
  • They bloom profusely, adding beauty and charm to any landscape.
  • The vines climb to create lush greenery and privacy.

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