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Passiflora, commonly called Passion Flower or Passion Vines, is a fabulous climbing vine with exotic, out of this world flowers!  Fast growing in warm regions, these vines grow 25-30 feet long, quickly covering fences and trellises with lobed or ovate, hand-shaped foliage.   A prolific bloomer, the truly glorious and fascinating flowers come in purple, blue, pink, white and red and typically remain open for only one day.  The flowers have a wide, flat petal base with 5-10 petals in a flat or reflex circle. The ovary and stamens are held atop a tall, distinctive stalk which is encircled by delicate, wavy or crimped filaments. The stigmas start out high above the anthers and slowly bend backward for a dramatic look. These flowers look like a tropical plant, but they can be grown almost anywhere. There are about 500 known species of passion flowers with the most commonly grown forms being vines that climb and cling by tendrils.  Passion flower is used for medicinal purposes to treat a variety of conditions and the fruit is used to flavor certain beverages.

Why We Love Passiflora

  • Its intricate flowers add a touch of exotic beauty to gardens.
  • Passiflora vines attract butterflies and hummingbirds with their vibrant blooms.
  • There's a Passiflora variety for every garden style.

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