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2-Inch Succulent Plant Medley Mix
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2-inch Mixed Succulent Plants | Colorful Succulent Collection

Succulent plants are all the rage, and for good reason! Extraordinary colors and textures abound in these wonderfully versatile, low-maintenance plants.  Succulents make stylish additions to your home or office décor, sensational wedding and party favors, and star in a wide range of crafts and projects! Whether you are ready to try succulents for the very first time, are expanding your collection, or you are a die-hard succulent fanatic and just need more - we have got you covered with this mix!  Start with four mixed succulents in 2-inch pots, or select 12 or even 20!

We select the succulent plants for this mix to ensure a well balanced mix of colors, textures and forms. The varieties you receive may vary from those pictured to ensure you receive the very best available for the season in terms of size, health and performance. The larger mixes of 12 and 20 plants may have a few varieties repeated to lend a sense of rhythm and harmony to the over all medley mix. We want you to be as excited about succulents as we are!

Do you have a favorite succulent variety? We do too - about 27 of them! :) But one of the great joys of gardening in general - and succulents in particular - is the way the color, shape and texture of one plant plays off another variety to form a spectacular effect that neither can do alone. That's what makes these mixes so exciting! Be sure to open your succulents when they arrive, brush off any loose soil, give them a small drink and give them some light. Then you and your succulents are ready to play!

mixed succulent plants in 2-inch pots