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Pineapple Lily Tiny Seusical Mix
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Pineapple Lily Tiny Seusical Mix

Pineapple Lily Tiny Piny Mix | Dwarf Eucomis | Dwarf Coral Pineapple Lily

Eucomis are such whimsical blooms - with a zillion tiny blossoms arranged on vertical stems, each stem is topped by a cheery tuft of curly leaves. Depending upon your point of view, they may remind you of pineapples, hence, the common name of Pineapple Lily. But some of us see the wild and fantastical plants and people that cavort on the pages of Dr Seuss books blooming in our gardens! The beautiful, long-lasting blooms of the eucomis look quite Dr. Seusical to us! :)

The naturally dwarf Tiny Piny Pineapple lilies are perfect for containers or the garden bed. With this Tiny Piny Seusical Mix - you will get 3 big bulbs, each of a different color, blooming shades of pink, coral, white and deep ruby. Butterflies adore the blooms of eucomis, and songbirds follow to snap up the bright seed pods. The long-lasting blooms are charming in a bud vase, and for mixed planters, partner with bright blooming alstroemeria for months of color and style!

3 large Eucomis Bulbs
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  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Pineapple Lily

    Botanical Name:

    Eucomis Tiny Piny Coral


    Full sun to light shade


    Zones 8-11, elsewhere lift tubers in fall and store indoors




    Plum buds open to lilac florets

    Bloom Season:

    Mid to late summer

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    #1 tubers 8 cm+


    3 large Eucomis Bulbs