Collection: Oriental Poppies (Papaver)

Oriental Poppies are among the most eye-catching herbaceous perennials to appear in early summer gardens. They feature large, satiny blooms in bright shades of red, orange, white, or pink. The glorious petals often don a signature dark splotch at their base, which only enhances their charm.  While many grow Oriental Poppies for their flowers, this beauty also bears attractive foliage in the spring. The leaves are large, deeply-lobed, and thistle-like, and the stems are stiff and fuzzy, which makes this species an outstanding cut flower. Despite their elegant appearance, Oriental Poppies are quite low-maintenance. Give these showstoppers a sunny spot to flourish, and they'll give you a sensational display of color.

Why We Love Oriental Poppies (Papaver)

  • Oriental poppies bloom in vibrant shades, creating stunning visual displays.
  • Their delicate petals bring elegance and charm to any garden.
  • These resilient flowers require minimal care, making gardening effortless.

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