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Dichelostemma Pink Diamond (Firecracker Flower)
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Dichelostemma Pink Diamond (Firecracker Flower)

Dichelostemma Pink Diamond Bulbs | Pink Firecracker Flower | Brodiaea

We are delighted to introduce you to this American Northwest native, Dichelostemma Pink Diamond. Living up to its common name of Firecracker Flower, this beauty bears up to 8 flowers per stem, in electric pink and in clusters 2 1/2" across. The narrow, grass-like foliage sprouts in the spring and disappears about the time the blossoms open. This plant likes moderate moisture while the foliage is actively growing and warm, dry summers. If grown in the North, containers that can be moved against the house, under the eaves or other rain protection, are recommended.

10 dichelostemma bulbs