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Cyclamen Persicum (Florist Cyclamen)
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Cyclamen Persicum  (Florist Cyclamen)

Cyclamen Bulbs for Indoor Blooms | Florist Cyclamen

Cyclamen Persicum produces low mounds of heart shaped leaves intricately traced with silvery patterns in fall. Soon, bright blooms with upswept petals in shades of pink float above the attractive foliage, gently perfuming the air. Magical! Happy in containers indoors, or outside only when free from frost.

This is the lovely cyclamen seen so briefly at the holidays - yet it makes a low maintenance, enchanting house plant for years with proper conditions. First, plant your tubers with the top 1/3 exposed above the soil line, 1 tuber to a 6-8 inch pot. Use good quality potting mix, and take care to water slowly around the edge of the container. Do not water on top of the tuber, or let it sit in wet soil, as this will lead to rot. Let the soil dry between waterings until it is no longer quite damp, then water in a circle again. Provide bright, indirect lighting, and a source of humidity like a nearby bowl of water, or a pebble tray. Cool temperatures get the best performance from your cyclamen, ideally 50 - 60 degrees F at night, and just up to 68 during the day. It is that easy!

$9.95 $7.95
3 large cyclamen bulbs