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Amaryllis Magic Medley Mix Trio
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Amaryllis Magic Medley Mix Trio

Amaryllis Mixed Bulbs | Singles, Doubles, Exotics Mix

We just love amaryllis - don't you? Huge, dramatic blooms indoors in a wide range of colors and forms. Blooms in shades of red, white, pink, coral, burgundy and green blooms in large single form, extravagant doubles and the quirky exotics are all found in this fun and fabulous mix. No two mixes are alike, but they do share common traits. Each mix is made up of 3 of our premium amaryllis bulbs, big, healthy and ready to bloom for you. Each retails individually for $10 - $17, and each is available to you for just under $25 for three big bulbs!

These amaryllis will grow and bloom indoors or out, and are suitable for garden planting in climates from zone 8B - 11. Imagine landscaping with amaryllis! :)

Blooms for your holiday gifting and decorations need to coordinate with your color scheme. For the spring - go wild and enjoy blooms in a wide range of colors and forms. Bloom times will vary within each collection. Snap up this great bargain while they are available and enjoy the magic of this medley mix!

3 large amaryllis bulbs
  • Planting Guide

    Top 1 inch of bulb exposed above soil line


    Moderate during active growth


    Full sun to light shade, bright shade indoors


    1” in Containers, 4 inches outdoors

  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    amaryllis mix, mixed amaryllis bulbs

    Botanical Name:

    Hippeastrum mix


    Full sun to light shade outdoors, bright light indoors


    Zones 8b-11 outdoors, anywhere indoors




    extravagant blooms are single, double or exotic in a range of colors including red, pink, white, coral, burgundy and green

    Bloom Season:

    Flowers in 8-10 weeks indoors and mid spring outdoors.

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    24/32cm bulbs


    3 large amaryllis bulbs