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Allium - Neapolitanum Naples Garlic

Allium - Neapolitanum Naples Garlic

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Includes: 20 Allium bulbs

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Fragrant Allium Bulbs for Sale | Neapolitanum (Naples Garlic)

Grace your garden with a touch of sophistication courtesy of Allium Neapolitanum. This polished bloomer carries a hint of summertime elegance with its loose clusters of fragrant white flowers, beautifully accented by pops of lush greenery. Blooming from late spring to early summer, this heirloom variety has been grown in the U.S. since 1823, making it a truly dependable selection. Neapolitanum has withstood the test of time and remains super popular across the country for many reasons, including its ability to attract butterflies while being unbothered by hungry deer. Plus, the aromatic blossoms add a welcome lightness to both formal and relaxed bouquets. Enjoy!


Easy to Grow Features

  • Zone: 4-8
  • Height: 6-12 in.
  • Spread: 2 in.
  • Sunlight: Full Sun
  • Water: Moderate to Low
  • Flowering time: Late Spring to Early Summer
  • Flower Color: White
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  • Planting Depth
  • Planting Proximity
  • Planting Season
  • Plant Benefits
    Attracts pollinators. Low maintenance.
  • Water Quantity
    Low; Moderate with Growth
  • Bloom Season
    Late Spring to Early Summer
  • Sunlight Quantity
    Full Sun
  • Hardiness Zones
    Zones 7-9

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