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Oxalis - Iron Cross Good Luck Plant

Oxalis - Iron Cross Good Luck Plant

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Includes: 20 Oxalis bulbs

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Oxalis Iron Cross | Good Luck Shamrock Plant

Oxalis plants are known and loved for their unique clover-like leaves and delight blossoms, and this variety is no exception. If you're having a hard time deciding between the traditional green foliage and the striking purple foliage, then look no further. Oxalis Iron Cross, also known as the Good Luck Plant, really stands out with its two-toned, heart-shaped leaves that make a dramatic statement wherever they’re planted.

Deep purple markings in the center highlight where the leaves meet and create shocking contrast. Atop the extraordinary foliage, clusters of rosy-pink blooms open in the Summer, making this beauty an excellent addition to sunny windowsills and the garden. So, what do you say? Are you feeling lucky?

Easy to Grow Features

  • Zone: 8 - 10
  • Height: 8 - 12 in.
  • Spread: 3 in.
  • Sunlight: Full Sun to Partial Sun
  • Water: Moderate to Low
  • Bloom Season: Flowers in 10 - 12 weeks from planting
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  • Planting Depth
  • Planting Proximity
  • Planting Season
  • Plant Benefits
    Great choice for containers, groundcover or as a houseplant.
  • Water Quantity
    Moderate to Low
  • Bloom Season
    Flowers in 10-12 weeks from planting
  • Sunlight Quantity
    Partial Sun; Bright Direct Indoors
  • Hardiness Zones
    Zones 8-10 or indoors

Customer Reviews

Based on 192 reviews
Rozanna Perry

These bulbs are quick to sprout, and very attractive. They work really well as an accent in containers, or on borders. I love them.

rhonda pearce

The plants arrived in good condition. They've been in the ground about a month and ALL are thieving!

Thank you very much for your review! We are pleased to hear your bulbs are growing well. Enjoy!

So beautiful and easy to grow!

I've been growing the common bulbs for years. Just recently purchased bulbs of the unique ones. Never seen these grown. Hope I can send a picture showing them as seedlings.


Fastest to sprout of the several varieties I started at the same time. All bulbs sprouted and blooms arrived in 2 weeks. Most of the leaves have the purple interiors while some have the outline of the purple which adds visual interest.

Robert J Lukey

Spectacular after only a week!!!!!!! Love them!


these are easy to grow and very beautiful

Absolutely love this! Grows SO fast!

It's so pretty! Showed my Mom and now she wants these bulbs to grow!

Dale T. Pierce
They are growing well

I planted the bulbs in new planters with miracle grow soil, and have kept them moist.They are still small, but they are growing like crazy.Some are already 6-inches in height, and the Iron Cross image is clearly displayed.I'm very pleased....

pat crehore
Thrives in morning sun

This plant is extremely easy to grow. The colors are as depicted in the picture. I find that it does do best in the morning sun. I have one pot in mostly shade, and, a second pot in the morning sun. The plant in the morning sun has already started producing the small flowers.

Lauren Valentino
Sprouts so quickly!!! \(^_^)/

Sprouts quickly! Some mold, BUT all it takes is to rinse in soapy water (dawn), lay out to dry, remove anything still moldy, and plant. And voila!