Collection: Ranunculus Tecolote®

Ranunculus are a flower arranger's dream! Giant Tecolote ranunculus are prized for large, double-petaled blooms on tall, straight stems, and a huge number of flowers produced per bulb. Full, romantic blooms in a wide array of colors and two-toned picotees. Our ranunculus are grown in the famous Carlsbad Flower Fields and produce gorgeous flowers unlike almost any other bulb. Be sure to plant enough to fill your vases as well as your spring garden! Hardy in zones 8-11, but don't miss out in zones 3-7. Simply purchase when available and plant in spring!

Why We Love Ranunculus Tecolote®

  • They boast vibrant hues and intricate layers, resembling delicate paper flowers.
  • The resilient flowers thrive in both garden beds and containers.
  • Ranunculus blooms abundantly, offering a profusion of blossoms for arrangements.

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