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 Are you looking for the perfect way to spread some holiday cheer or bring a touch of warmth to your home during the chilly months? With clusters of delightful, snow-white blossoms atop elegant, blue-green foliage, the flowers in our selection of Paperwhite gifts are an infallible cure to winter blues! We'll ship your generous bulbs pre-planted in our custom soil, or you can put your green thumb to use by planting them yourself! Either way, you're sure to love the slightly sweet fragrance given off by these delicate beauties! We'll include a set of care instructions to ensure your paperwhites thrive long after arrival. We strongly encourage customers to follow our updated gift policy: We will only allow one recipient address per order; Please create separate orders for each additional recipient address. Are you sending 5 or more gifts? Get special corporate pricing and we will handle the rest, including sending them to multiple recipient addresses! Click below and download our corporate gift catalog. Shop Corporate Gifts

Why We Love Paperwhite Gifts

  • They bring delicate fragrance and beauty to indoor spaces.
  • Paperwhites require minimal effort for stunning blooms, even indoors.
  • These bulbs offer a cheerful reminder of spring during colder months.

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