Collection: Nerine

Add a splash of color to your fall garden by planting robust Nerines.  Grown for their showy, long-lasting blooms in shades of pink, red and white, the ‘Nerine Lily’ is guaranteed to add a stunning display of color in September and October when other plants are starting to fade.  During the summer they will produce a cluster of strappy, glossy green leaves and in September, the flower stalks will push up as tall as 2 feet high with a burst of brilliantly colored, wavy-edged flowers. Known for the shape and form of its exquisite blooms, this superb variety produces a profusion of vivid flowers atop slender, surprisingly robust stems. All flowers have six narrow petals re-curved at the tips with prominent stamens.  Native to Southern Africa, there are about 26 species of Nerine, all which thrive in full sun and well-drained soil.  They are excellent for cutting, singly or in groups, but left on the plant they will brighten the garden for several weeks before they fade.    

Why We Love Nerine

  • They bloom late in the season, extending the garden's beauty.
  • Nerines come in vibrant hues, adding splashes of color.
  • These flowers thrive in various conditions, offering easy garden care.

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