Collection: Lily of the Valley (Convallaria)

Convallaria, commonly known as Lily-of-the-Valley, is a delightful and richly fragrant plant that forms medium-green foliage that spreads like a ground cover.  Standing 8-12 inches tall, the leaves stay lush and glossy all-season long.   Sprouting slightly arching single flower stalks covered with nodding bell-shaped, white flowers that bloom in early to mid-spring, each stalk will produce as many as 12 tiny, waxy, intensely fragrant flowers. This easy-care plant doesn’t require much to thrive but will take a couple of years to establish and may not flower the first year. Lily-of-the-Valley relishes well-drained but moist soil and does best in partial shade but can also be adapted to full sun or full shade, depending on the amount of moisture it receives.  

Why We Love Lily of the Valley (Convallaria)

  • They exude a delicate fragrance that fills the garden with sweetness.
  • Lily of the valley's dainty bell-shaped blooms add charming elegance.
  • These resilient plants thrive in shaded areas, brightening even dim corners.

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