Collection: Leucojum (Snowflakes)

Reliable & Gorgeous Flower Bulbs for Sale Online | Leucojum Often referred to as 'Summer Snowflakes,' Leucojum reliably arrives in mid-spring with 4 to 8 nodding, snow-white, bell-shaped blooms festooned with green oval accents dangling from each long stem. The blizzarding blossoms are enhanced by mounds of dark green, grassy foliage and look excellent when mixed with late-season tulips. Resistant to hungry critters, these pretty spring bloomers give off a lovely fragrance and are winter hardy and heat tolerant in nearly all climates.

Why We Love Leucojum (Snowflakes)

  • They're the first heralds of spring, peeking through snow-covered landscapes.
  • Snowdrops naturalize easily to form lovely carpets of white in gardens.
  • These hardy bulbs thrive in shady spots, bringing cheer to any corner.

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