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Gorgeously Fragrant Flower Bulbs for Sale | Grape Hyacinths Between their delightful fragrance, stunning color, and breathtaking form, Grape Hyacinths check every box! Also known as Muscari, these beauties resemble a plump bunch of grapes in gorgeous blue, pink, and white shades. They're super easy to care for, fantastic for naturalizing, and grow with ease in most parts of the United States. Blooming in mid-spring, Grape Hyacinths will bring butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden while being resistant to deer and rodents.

Why We Love Grape Hyacinths

  • Muscari's low-maintenance bulbs thrive in various soil types and light conditions.
  • The charming, grape-like clusters enhance garden borders and containers.
  • These early spring bloomers bring delightful pops of color.

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