Collection: Caladiums

Caladiums are tuberous-rooted tropical plants grown for their spectacularly colorful foliage that provide an extremely long season of color.  Caladiums impress in shade gardens (and now partial sun gardens!) with their brilliantly colored leaves primarily in shades of red, pink, white and green. Environmental conditions such as sunlight, will change leaf color. Leaf shape, size and color vary among the hundreds of selections, but most are heart, arrowhead or lance shaped, some with deep colored veining, and some variegated with speckles, spots and streaks of brilliant colors. Caladiums are very fast growing and provide shady gardens with instant color. Although tropical, Caladiums grow fast enough to be enjoyed as annuals during the summer in cooler climates and all year long as houseplants. Caladiums are happiest when planted in warm, humid, partial sun to shady areas in warm soil or containers. Fancy-Leaf Caladiums Leaves tend to be more heart-shaped Overall they are less sun-tolerant and less cold-tolerant Usually are taller than others Strap / Lance-Leaf Caladiums Leaves tend to be more arrowhead-shaped and smaller than others Overall they are more sun-tolerant and more cold-tolerant Tend to last longer in the landscape and longer crop time

Why We Love Caladiums

  • They add vibrant color to shady spots.
  • Caladiums thrive in containers, making them perfect for balconies.
  • You'll adore their striking foliage patterns and low-maintenance care.

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