Collection: Belladonna Lilies

Meaning 'beautiful lady' or 'fair lady' in Italian, it makes perfect sense why these gorgeous flowers are often called "Naked Lady Lilies." However, their provocative nickname actually alludes to their long, gracefully bare stems topped with beautiful blooms. Each impressive stalk contains multiple lovely flowers that smell every bit as good as they look. Belladonna blossoms dazzle with hues ranging from soft pink to bright white and vivid fuchsia. But don't let them deceive you - These beautiful blooms aren't nearly as delicate as they appear. Belladonna lilies are remarkably drought-tolerant and tough once established. The flowers may be resistant to deer and rabbits, but they're sure to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and people in droves!

Why We Love Belladonna Lilies

  • They boast elegant, fragrant blooms.
  • Their resilience makes them ideal for low-maintenance gardeners.
  • Belladonna Lilies bloom effortlessly, bringing joy year after year.

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