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Amaryllis - Estella

Amaryllis - Estella

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Includes: 1 large amaryllis bulb

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Magenta Amaryllis Estella Bulbs For Sale | Purple Amaryllis

For fans of purple, this is the closest we've seen to date in the amaryllis world. It's more of a deep magenta, but if you squint, it's close! 

Estella's magenta, trumpet shaped blossoms are accented by a white center stripe and finished with a pointed tip that often exhibits a tiny jaunty twist. Mix with Amaryllis White Christmas for a magical New Year's Eve dinner party display.

These are the perfect flower for early winter blooms. 10-12 weeks after planting the bulb will reward you with a gorgeous orchid-like display. Water sparingly after planting (keep soil barely moist), and just slightly increase watering once you see new growth. Amaryllis like to stay on the dry side until they begin to flower.

Easy to Grow Features

  • 18-24 inches tall
  • Magenta to light purple with white accent stripes
  • 10-12 weeks to bloom
  • 24-26 cm bulb
  • Bright light indoors, full sun to light shade outdoors (zones 8-10)
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  • Planting Depth
    Top 1" of bulb exposed
  • Planting Proximity
  • Planting Season
    Fall or Spring
  • Plant Benefits
    Can force blooms indoors during winter. Dramatic flowers.
  • Water Quantity
    Low; Moderate with Growth
  • Bloom Season
    Indoors: Blooms in 10-12 weeks; Outdoors: Spring
  • Sunlight Quantity
    Partial Sun; Bright Direct Indoors
  • Hardiness Zones
    Zones 9-11 or indoors

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Very nice

Estelle Oyler
AweMazing Blooms!

My namesake Estelle Amaryllis finally bloomed after a year-long wait! But oh, what a show! Four bloom stalks on two bulbs with 3-4 flowers each—and all open at once! 🥰🌸

Best gifts!

I bought a whole bunch of different amaryllis bulbs for my coworkers and family members. I had never ordered from before so I wasn't sure what to expect.
These bulbs all grew so beautifully and I got so many photos and thanks you texts as they grew and bloomed in everybody's homes. I think every single one bloomed - and often repeatedly.

More than one person said to me that their amaryllis was the favorite gift they got this winter. That made me so happy. Thank you for great bulbs!

Big, healthy bulbs.

The bulbs were very large and started growing immediately upon planting. Can't wait to see their blooms.

Al Schwarz
Five Stars

unusual color

Okie DJB
Estella Amaryllis Bulb

I've never had this particular amaryllis bulb before this one, so I'm anxiously waiting for it to bloom. It is growing very well, so the bloom should open soon.