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Whether you have been gardening for 40 years, or you are considering planting something for the very first time, one of the first things you wonder when you meet a new plant is what does it need? Can I grow it in my garden? 

Planting guides for calla, leucojum, peony, dicentra and daffodil

The most fortunate gardeners learned as children from their parents or grandparents. For the rest of us, if you are lucky, there will be an experienced gardener living on your street, perhaps even next door. Someone who will lean across the garden fence and share their knowledge, insights and experience with you and your garden, (Thank you Miss Ada!). As time goes by, you, too may lean across that fence and share your own experiences and what they have taught you about the garden. 

This is one of my many favorite things about gardening - other gardeners. When I was just starting, I made every possible mistake, and I think I may have invented a few new ones! But I was so fortunate to know more experienced gardeners who were generous with their time and knowledge, who contributed to my garden's success, and my own education. When I first came across this company, Easy to Grow Bulbs - I felt like I had found a new gardening sage to help me have success, and it was exciting!

As you explore the vast selection of flowering bulbs and plants available, you will find descriptions and planting guides galore - each written in a conversational style just like those over the garden fence. You will find the basics covered, like planting depth, sun exposure and water needs, but also the many nuances needed to make the particular plant happy in your garden. 

On each product page, look for these quick reference symbols, and the link to the detailed planting guide:Astrantia quick reference information and planting guide link 

This gives you the basics of how to plant the item - astrantia in this case - at a glance. But with the full astrantia planting guide, you will get much more information about growing and enjoying astrantia in your own garden. 

The detailed planting guides are a terrific place to pick up tips about planting and growing something you are familiar with, like tulips or peonies. But when you fall in love with a wildly exotic variety you have never heard of, the planting guide is indispensable!  Consider the über odd tacca bat flower plant:

learn to grow tacca  bat flower plant

These are fascinating plants! But without the detailed information from the planting guide, I wouldn't know where to start! Would you?  

Or take a look at arisaema cobra lilies:

arisaema cobra lily flower and foliage

The trick to watering arisaema properly using achimenes as canaries! How clever.  

You will find a link to the planting guide on nearly every product page - we are still working to complete a detailed guide for every single item we offer! Or you can review the entire list of planting guides here with more soon to follow!

If you are a committed gardener, then you will always be learning. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn more about gardening whether in books, over the fence chats or online planting guides and forums. Here at Easy to Grow Bulbs, we are invested in your gardening success! And we just love it when a customer reaches out to share their knowledge with us, so we can in turn share it with other gardeners!

Happy Gardening!

 Detailed planting Guides for peonies, leucojum, callas and more

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