Collection: Tacca (Bat Plant, Bat Flower)

Tacca, the commonly called Bat plant or Bat Flower, is one of the coolest and most extraordinary plants you’ll find.  Bat plants are grown mainly for their flowers which feature unique and unusually exotic looking blooms that mimic a bat in flight, with ruffled wings and long, hanging like-whiskers filaments that that hang from 10-28 inches long.  These exotic plants come in white, green or dark purple varieties.   Large, lush, emerald green tropical foliage surrounds the flowers that bloom in spring and last until early fall.  Mature plants typically begin to flower after they've produced at least a pair of full-sized leaves, producing up to eight flowers over the course of a single season. The flowers should be left on the plants as they do not survive in a vase for long.  Growing bat flowers requires a little extra care, but blossoms of this exotic specialty plant makes the extra care worthwhile.

Why We Love Tacca (Bat Plant, Bat Flower)

  • Their unique bat-shaped flowers add intrigue to any garden.
  • Tacca plants are low maintenance and thrive in partial shade.
  • These exotic beauties are conversation starters and make stunning houseplants.

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