Best Living Holiday Gifts

Best Living Holiday Gifts

The holidays are coming around fast, and as a gardener, you know what that means — ordering your plant gifts! If you have fellow gardeners on your gift-giving list (and even if you don’t — hey, you might just create a gardener after this), there’s no doubt that a well-selected plant is a welcomed treat. From housewarming gifts to hostess thank-you’s and holiday surprises, plant gifts grace interiors with their beauty, offer a low-maintenance décor option, and last long after that fruitcake you were considering.

And the best part? Our plant gifts include pre-planted options, and a valuable “how to grow” card with each package. Now, to determine what plant gift is suitable for which person? Don’t fret — with so many plants and so little time, we’ve created a handy roundup for you.

Pre-Planted Amaryllis Gifts

Ideal for: Your traditional, colorful peeps

One of the most popular of the indoor blooming bulbs, amaryllis is the ideal gift for both the gardener and non-gardener on your list. Vivid color, ruffly petals, classic forms — everything we love about amaryllis bulbs makes them a wonderful gift-giving option. Give a set of waxed bulbs to the friend who wants to enjoy the process of forcing indoors, or gift a pre-planted amaryllis to your friend who needs a ready-to-go décor item — and you can find them all here. Oh, and the gardener? They’ll be extra delighted that they can replant their amaryllis bulbs outdoors if they live in USDA Hardiness Zones 8 or higher (it’s like the gift that keeps on giving)!

Pre-Planted Paperwhite Gifts

Ideal for: Romantic, fragrance-loving friends

Most of us have friends who love to host parties around the holidays, and what better gift for that person than heavenly-scented paperwhites? Their sweet scent provides a delightful taste of the outdoors during a time of year when it’s sorely needed. Choose from pre-planted bulbs (ready to enjoy without any wait!) or fat bulbs packaged in a festive bag for those who love doing the planting themselves. 

Oxalis Gifts

Ideal for: Low-maintenance, quirky people

Also called lucky shamrocks, oxalis is a charming plant gift for the low-maintenance gardener. With either green or dark purple foliage and starry white flowers, oxalis creates a bit of brightness in any indoor décor provided you give it enough light and the right amount of water. Our oxalis plant gifts come preplanted in attractive containers and make the perfect present for your easygoing, unique friends — just open the package and place the planter!

Find our pre-planted oxalis gifts here.

Succulent Gifts

Ideal for: Your trendy, hip friends

These little darlings offer up an array of plump foliage, amazing colors, and even more amazing textures and forms. And did we mention low maintenance? These plants hate to be overwatered, so if you have any jet-setters on your list, they’ll appreciate one of our pre-planted succulent gifts that thrive even when no one’s home. Plus, they arrive in adorable containers!

Festive Amaryllis Bulbs

Ideal for: People who love a blooming gift with multiple uses

Well, who on earth wouldn’t want Santa Pants that serve as a carrier for gorgeous bulbs and bottles of wine!? These festive pants arrive with your choice of 2 regular Amaryllis bulbs or 2 waxed Amaryllis bulbs, which are perfect for the self-proclaimed "brown thumb" on your list!


As you can see, there’s a plant gift for every person on your list, regardless of where they live, if they garden, and what their personality is — this is the beauty of plants, isn’t it?

To see more gift-giving opportunities at Easy to Grow Bulbs, hop over to our Gift section here. And if you’re still not sure?

A gift card is always in season! 

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