Paperwhites That Don’t Stink!

Low Fragrance Paperwhites

Paperwhites don't stink!  They have a heady, musky fragrance that can fill a room...   OK - for many people in this world, that adds up to stinky flowers. But wait!  If you are among those that love the paperwhite flowers but hate the smell - you are in luck!  Two varieties have been specially bred just for you:

Paperwhites Bloom Indoors

Inball Paperwhites - This is a classic looking, large flowered paperwhite with the same paperwhite scent - but a whole lot less of it.  If you think of a "regular" paperwhite having a gallon of fragrance - Inball has just a cup.  If you like the scent of paperwhites, but don't want to fill the room with the fragrance, this is the paperwhite for you. Paperwhite "Lite"! :)  For low scent paperwhite bulbs, click here to shop Paperwhite Inball.

Fragrance Free Paperwhite Wintersun

Wintersun Paperwhites -  This paperwhite is nearly fragrance free, with a very light, faint floral scent completely different from the normal musky scent.  You must put your face in among the flowers to catch the slightest hint of scent.  It's many tiny blooms are held on taller stems, and the flowers feature a prominent golden yellow cup.  For fragrance free paperwhite bulbs, click here to shop Wintersun Paperwhites.

We hope you will enjoy trying some of these beautiful bulbs that were, after all, developed just for you!  ;)