Planting Dahlias Perfectly - An Infographic!

Planting Dahlias Perfectly - An Infographic!

Dahlias bloom all summer right on til frost in a dazzling array of colors, flower forms and sizes. The key to success when growing dahlias, and filling your garden with these gorgeous blooms is all in the details. For a detailed step by step guide to growing beautiful dahlias, see our previous blog post. Here, we have the information in a graphic form. Feel free to print or download this infographic to keep it with you as you plant and care for your dahlias.

Dahlia Planting Infographic with step by by step information

Your Dahlia Planting Infographic Guide:

1 - Choose great quality dahlia tubers, whether dwarf or dinner plate dahlias, or any variety and size in between.

2 - Leave your dahlia tubers intact - do not cut dahlia tubers apart or into pieces.

3 - Plant your dahlia tubers in full sun, about 3-4 inches deep, and 12-24" between clumps, depending upon the mature size of the plants.

4 - Work bone meal into the soil to nourish your dahlia tubers and root structure.

5 - Add support structure for your dahlias at the time you plant the tubers.

6 - Topping and pinching your dahlias results in a shorter, fuller plant with more blooms!

For a more detailed review and description of each step for planting and growing your dahlias, please review our previous blog post. Otherwise, you are now all set to plant and grow dahlias for gorgeous blooms all summer and right up until frost!

We will post information for storing your dahlia tubers over the winter for cold climates in a couple months.

I'd love to hear how this infographic is working for you!  Please leave a comment and let me know!

Happy gardening!


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