Succulent Eggs - Decorating Easter Eggs - With a Twist! :)

Succulent Eggs - Decorating Easter Eggs - With a Twist! :)

Eggshell Succulent 

I have always loved coloring Easter eggs from the time I was a little girl standing on a kitchen chair helping my Mom. To this day, the acidic scent of vinegar fills me with sweet nostalgia! This year, I decided to try something a bit different.

Egg shells planted with succulents. A DIY project

I have always been fascinated with eggs - such amazing natural treasure boxes keeping new life safe until it is ready to begin its greatest adventure!  

Tradition of Eggs for Easter

The tradition of giving decorated eggs at Easter time evolved from ancient practices. Many cultures have decorated eggs in the spring as a celebration of the symbol of new life. The tradition of including a simple hard boiled egg for the celebration of Passover, celebrating new life, would have been shared by Christ and His apostles. Christians see the egg at Easter time as a symbol of Christ emerging from the tomb, much as a chick emerges from the shell. During Lent, (the time of privation and penitence preceding Easter) many observers abstain from eating eggs. All combine to make the decorating and gifting of eggs at Easter a cherished practice.

Planting Succulents in Eggshells

Any excuse to play with succulents is a good day for me.  :)  So for this Easter season, I decided to try planting succulents in eggshells as a twist on the classic Easter egg. It was so much fun!  

I started with both white and brown eggs.

A smart rap with a serrated knife near the pointed end of the egg will make a small cracked hole in the egg. From there, carefully pry out the shell and make a hole for the egg to come out. Set the egg aside for a delicious omelette, and go to the next egg.

Rinse out the shells and set themsoil prep for planting succukents in eggshells out to dry thoroughly.

I even tried this with hard boiled eggs that were to be used for an egg salad. Again, a smart rap with a serrated blade to get started, then some patience as you dig the egg from the shell

I couldn't resist the lure of the coloring for the white eggs shells. Drop the empty egg shells into the vinegar/water/coloring liquid, inhale and enjoy the memories!

Set the colored eggshells aside to fully air dry.

eggshells as succulent planter with soil

Using Cactus and Succulent soil mix, add water until the damp mix holds its shape when you squeeze it into a lump. Add the dampened soil to your eggshells, firm the soil, and you now have your eggshell succulent planters ready to go!

For planting your egg shells, use small succulent plants or small cuttings with sufficiently long stems to anchor them into the soil so they stay in place as they root.

For succulent plants that have a good root structure, carefully tuck the roots into the egg shells on top of the succulent soil mix, then add more soil on top of the roots.  Gently firm the soil - and you are done!  

Succulents planted in eggshell planters

Egg cups make a terrific way to display your succulent eggs. And they are more sturdy than you might think, but they do need some careful handling. This is not a project to do with young children (or impatient husbands!).

succulents in eggshells displayed in egg carton

The egg carton itself is a handy way to display your collection. The carton fits nicely on a window sill, enabling your succulent eggs to soak up some sunshine.

succulent eggshell planter displayed in a birds nest If you happen to have a bird's nest, that too makes a perfect display for your new succulent eggs.   

Caring for your succulents planted in eggshells is a snap! Just add a few drops of water to the soil using an eye dropper (or similar method) just once every week or two, and the succulents will thrive!  With such limited root room, they will be slow to outgrow the shell, and should be beautiful for you for several months. Be sure to provide bright light for your succulents.

Succulent Blooming Egg with anacampseros sunrise     succulent blooming egg with ceramic egg vase and aeonium kiwi

I think this is a terrific project whether for Easter or just to celebrate spring! For me, nearly any excuse to play with succulents is a good one, so if you enjoyed this - stay tuned! There will be plenty more :)  

I'd love to hear what you think - will you be trying succulents planted in egg shells?  Does your family decorate eggs for the holiday? Let me know what your favorite method is.

In the mean time,

Pesach Sameach!  Happy Easter! and Enjoy a beautiful spring!

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