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Ginger, Fragrant Greenii
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Ginger, Fragrant Greenii

Hedychium Greenii | Fragrant Red Ginger

Looking for a ginger that matures to a smaller size, one for tight gardens and compact spaces? Consider Ginger Greenii. This plant sprouts late, usually in mid June, leaving time for spring bulbs to have completed their show. The foliage is deep olive green with a red wash on the back sides of the wide leaves. Fragrant flowers of mango red are produced from mid summer through fall making this one of the longest blooming gingers available. After flowering, tiny plantlets called "kikis" are produced at stem ends; these may be planted to extend your ginger patch or shared with gardening friends.

Happy in containers, pair with bright orange alstroemeria Amina and brilliant yellow canna Banana Punch for a tropical sensation all summer long!

3 tubers
  • Planting Guide

    Plant 4-6 inches deep


    Water generously.


    Full sun only in coolest regions, partial to full shade


    12-18 inches apart

  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Red Butterfly ginger

    Botanical Name:

    Hedychium Greenii


    Full to partial sun


    Zones 8-10, anywhere in a pot that's moved inside during winter




    Orange-red "butterfly" flowers

    Bloom Season:

    Summer into fall

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    flowering size tubers


    3 tubers