Tropical Garden Design Ideas - Your Staycation Oasis!

Tropical Garden Design Ideas - Your Staycation Oasis!

Are you ready to turn your landscape into a staycation oasis using a lush array of tropical plants? Well, first off, let us just say—that's a fantastic idea! Second, let's talk about how to achieve that highly sought-after "tropical look." We'll give you a hint: it all starts with a feeling. 

Why Tropical?

Before we dive into specific plants and placements, we must discuss the "come hither" feeling of tropical gardens. They evoke an intense sense of relaxation and rejuvenation that's truly undeniable. Think about it—even photos of tropical locations are enough to soothe the soul, which is why they make incredible computer desktop images. Now, wouldn't it be nice to invite that profound sense of serenity into your own backyard? We thought so, too. 

Key Components of a Tropical Garden

Because the air of peace and tranquility is at the heart of an exotic garden display, one can adapt this design style to suit any climate! The plants don't have to be technically tropical in nature; they just need to contribute to the overall appearance and character of a tropical garden. Regardless of where you live, these are the major elements needed to create the tropical garden of your dreams:

  • Focus on foliage: Large, lush, and lavish foliage is often the main focus in tropical gardens. These plants flaunt virtually all shades of green with a striking contrast of textures between large-leafed plants, those with long, slim fronds, and the lacy look of ferns.
  • Surround yourself with plants: Plant densely on multiple levels using plantings of varying heights, from towering trees to ground cover. Hanging baskets and raised beds are fantastic for creating an encompassing cocoon of plant life. 
  • Keep it vibrant: Tropical gardens wouldn't be complete without the hot colors of flowers and accessories like cushions, bringing to mind the exotic birds that inhabit rain forests. Bright shades of yellow, orange, red, and pink are just right for accenting tropical gardens. 
  • Celebrate water: An abundance of large-leafed plants implies a wealth of water, and what better way to suggest this than including a water feature? The sight, sound, and fresh scent of flowing water really plays up the feeling of being in a tropical location. 

The Best Plants for a Tropical Garden

Whether you live in a cooler or more mild climate, there’s a nearly endless list of plants that can help you create that tropical look with their large and often colorful leaves, exotic flowers, vivid colors, and amazing textures. Have fun mixing and matching from this list: 

If you garden in a cooler climate and want some hardy options? Consider adding in groupings of Hostas and Ferns for hardier foliage plants that help create that tropical look we love.

For more plant combo and design inspiration, check out our other blog post, “Tropical Designs for Every Garden”—it’ll make you feel like a design rockstar (without hiring a designer)!

Note: It's no secret that gardening holds many benefits, and if you don't believe us, check out this article! Time spent in the garden has a clear and positive impact on us physically, mentally, and emotionally. The act of planting and caring for plants is thought to improve focus and reduce stress levels. Hmm ... maybe this is why tropical gardens that surround us with a cocoon of lush plants are so very calming and relaxing. 

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