Collection: Eucomis (Pineapple Lily)

Eucomis are summer-blooming bulbs with exotic flowers that get their common name "Pineapple Lily" due to their deep resemblance to a pineapple.  In late summer, flower stalks emerge from the center of the plant and rise to a height of 12-18". Each flower is a column of florets, crowned with a topknot of tiny leaves. Flower colors can be white, pink or violet. Eucomis have attractive foliage as well as interesting flowers. The long, strappy leaves can be green or burgundy, and the stems are sometimes freckled with contrasting colors. The plants typically grow 18-24" tall and equally wide. Easy to grow, with their long-lasting flowers and attractive foliage, Eucomis Pineapple Lilies attract butterflies and add easy tropical flair to flowerbeds, borders and containers.  

Why We Love Eucomis (Pineapple Lily)

  • They produce unique pineapple-shaped flower spikes in summer.
  • Eucomis bulbs are low-maintenance, ideal for busy gardeners.
  • They attract pollinators and add exotic flair to your garden.

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