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Tuberose, Single Flower Form (3 bulb clumps)
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Tuberose, Single Flower Form (3 bulb clumps)

Single Form Tuberose | Mexican Tuberose

Do you believe that beautiful simply isn't as terrific as beautiful and fragrant? Then add tuberose to your list of sensory delights. Tuberose flowers have been used as perfume ingredients for centuries, with a fragrance that's sweet, heavy and out of this world. The waxy white flowers develop in dense clusters along 20"-28" stalks that rises above slim basal leaves. Grow the single flower form for cutting as the top of the stalk blooms open well even when snipped from the plant. (The double form tuberose blooms several weeks later than the single, and the more complex blooms open better when left on the plant. To extend the fragrance in your summer garden - plant both!)

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3 bulb clumps
  • Planting Guide

    3" deep


    Water lightly until top growth appears and generously thereafter


    Full sun


    10-12" apart

  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Tuberose, single flower form, Mexican tuberose

    Botanical Name:

    Polianthes tuberosa


    Full sun


    Zones 9-11, elsewhere dig in fall and store indoors




    Single white flowers, very fragrant and excellent for cutting

    Bloom Season:

    Summer into fall

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    multi bulb clump; tennis ball to softball size


    3 bulb clumps