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Stephanotis Vine - Madagascar Jasmine
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Stephanotis Vine - Madagascar Jasmine

Stephanotis Floribunda | Hawaiian Wedding Flower Marsdenia Floribunda

A summer breeze drifts past, bringing the scent of jasmine... Clusters of waxy white stephanotis blooms emit an enchanting fragrance, blooming on a fast growing vine that is happy indoors or out in the garden.  Also known as Madagascar jasmine, this heavy flowering tropical vine is well suited to growing in bright shade or diffused light in the garden, in a container or indoors. Large, oval, leathery leaves are a deep and glossy green, providing a handsome frame for the clusters of fragrant white blooms. 

Planted in the garden bed, stephanotis will quickly scramble up to 20 feet tall! For container growing, cut back the vines in the fall, to keep the size in check and to promote branching.  Your stephanotis vine will need a sturdy support to climb.  A true tropical, stephanotis is not frost hardy and should be brought indoors over the winter in all but the most mild of climates. A long-lived plant, this tender evergreen can grow and bloom indoors for many years.

Mist your stephanotis frequently, especially if you garden in a dry climate. During its active growth, from spring to fall, provide regular moisture through deep watering. Empty the catch tray five minutes after watering.  When the soil is nearly dry, repeat the watering. For best blooming, fertilize every two weeks from April through October. The cooler temps and lower light of winter slow the plant's growth in winter months. Let the soil dry quite a bit between less frequent and lighter waterings for this slower period.

Whether you are planning a garden party, a tropical staycation or just a laid back time for relaxation - bring stephanotis into your garden to enjoy that jasmine scented summer breeze!

1 stephanotis plant
  • Planting Guide

    Plant level with existing soil line


    maintain even moisture


    Bright, diffused light, or bright shade, or bright indoors


    10-14" apart

  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Hawaiian wedding flower, Madagascar jasmine

    Botanical Name:

    Stephanotis floribunda


    Full sun to light shade


    Zones 10-11 outdoors, any indoors


    15 to 20 feet with twining stems


    Handsome vine with sweetly scented, waxy white flowers, evergreen

    Bloom Season:

    Blooms spring into fall

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    well rooted plant in 4" pot


    1 stephanotis plant