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Scilla Maderensis
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Scilla Maderensis

Scilla Maderensis | Madeira Scilla Exceptionally lovely, and very rare. Scilla Maderensis are very hard to find in cultivation, yet the network of growers in Israel we work with shared their new crop with us, and we are delighted to introduce it to you. Lush foliage is topped by a thick bottle brush of tiny amethyst blooms in fall. Utterly captivating! Native to a tiny island off the coast of Morocco, Scilla Maderensis thrives in fast draining soil and moderate temperatures between 45 and 85 degrees. Plant in fast draining soil, with the top third of the bright reddish purple bulb exposed above the soil. Performing beautifully in containers, these rare gems are said to grow and bloom well indoors with the same care given an amaryllis. We are looking forward to testing this ourselves! New foliage develops in early fall, to be followed by the spectacular blooms just a month or so later. Foliage remains until summer, when the bulb goes semi-dormant and should be kept dry and protected from extreme heat. Resume watering at the first sign of new growth. Endangered in the wild, Scilla Maderensis are seldom seen for sale. These bulbs were cultivated in Israel, and are a wonderful opportunity to experiment with something none of your gardening friends have ever seen! Enjoy!
3 Large bulbs
  • Planting Guide



    Light until top growth emerges, to moderate during active growth


    Full sun to light shade



  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Scilla of Madeira, Scilla Maderensis, Madeira Squill

    Botanical Name:

    Scilla Maderensis


    Full sun to bright filtered sunlight


    zones 9-11 or anywhere indoors




    Lilac to amethyst purple blooms over speckled green leaves

    Bloom Season:

    Winter, even indoors

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    14/16 cm


    3 Large bulbs