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Peony Red Charm~
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Peony Red Charm~

Sited as the standard against which all other red peonies are judged, Red Charm is a strong stemmed cultivar with deep red, double, bomb form flowers (big fluffy center surrounded by a cup of short outer petals). An early season bloomer, Red Charm outperforms most peonies in warm climates where the sun and heat quickly fade most reds; this is a good choice for gardeners living in almost-too-hot-for-peonies regions. This same early flowering characteristic extends the blooming season for cool weather gardeners by kicking off the peony parade a week or two sooner in the spring. American Peony Society gold metal winner. Vigorous plant, softball size blooms, handsome leathery foliage and nice, light fragrance. Hard to find in stock, Red Charm is worth every bit of search effort; this is one terrific peony. Deer resistant.

1 field grown clump
  • Planting Guide



    Light until top growth emerges, to moderate during active growth


    Full sun to light shade


    2-3 Feet

  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Peony Red Charm

    Botanical Name:

    Paeonia Red Charm


    Full sun to light shade


    Zones 3-8




    Rich red, lightly fragrant

    Bloom Season:

    Late spring to early summer; this variety flowers early in the typical peony blooming range

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    3/5 eye clump


    1 field grown clump