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Nerine Sarniensis Corusca Major - Orange
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Nerine Sarniensis Corusca Major - Orange

Nerine Sarniensis Corusca Major | Orange Guernsey Lily | Nerine Sarniensis
Nerine Sarniensis has long been prized as the "most beautiful of all the nerine". Perhaps because its vibrant scarlet blooms are so distinctive from the rest of the spectrum of pink to lavender to white. Perhaps because of the "gold dust" on its petals that make it reflect sunlight in sparkles like a jewel. Or perhaps because of the legend of cases of the Nerine Sarniensis, bound for Holland from South Africa lost at sea, only to be discovered years later blooming profusely on the Guernsey islands!

As famed for its beauty, Nerine Sarniensis is equally notorious for is irregular blooming habits. While you will surely love its blooms when they appear - you will not be able to time them. Let this plant delight you in its own time - a perfect reminder that nature can never be truly controlled.

Be sure to protect it from frost, provide a dry summer dormancy, and water carefully during its active growth period.
3 large bulbs
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  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Orange Guernsey Lily

    Botanical Name:



    Morning sun & afternoon shade in hottest regions, full sun elsewhere


    Zones 9-11


    15", with flower stalks at 18"


    Vibrant scarlet blooms

    Bloom Season:

    Late summer into fall

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    12/14 cm


    3 large bulbs