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Jasmine Officinale, Hardy Jasmine
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Jasmine Officinale, Hardy Jasmine

Cold Hardy Jasmine | Jasmine Officinale

Long for a jasmine vine of your own but live in a cooler part of the country? This variety is winter hardy to zone 6 when given a sheltered site. Finally, gardeners in St. Louis, southern Pa., Springfield, MA and many other parts of the country with chilly weather can grow this sweetly fragrant vine. In fact, hardy jasmine needs a cold period to prompt flower formation so choose another cultivar if you're planning to grow in a greenhouse. Have a trellis next to your back door where you'll catch the scent as you return from a long work day? Plant this jasmine right there. This variety is the one used for essential oils in aromatherapy. Note: cool night temperatures of 50-60 degrees F help prompt bud formation, so this variety blooms most heavily in spring and fall.

1 jasmine plant
  • Planting Guide

    Plant level with existing soil line


    Water regularly


    Full sun to light shade



  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    hardy jasmine, sweet jasmine, poet's jasmine

    Botanical Name:

    Jasminum Officinale


    Full sun to light shade


    Zones 6-11, provide winter mulch for zone 6


    15 to 30 feet with twining stems


    Handsome vine with sweetly scented white pinwheel flowers

    Bloom Season:

    Blooms spring and fall

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    5.5" extra deep pot


    1 jasmine plant