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Fig, Chicago Hardy Fig Patio Tree
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Fig, Chicago Hardy Fig Patio Tree

Chicago Hardy Fig Tree | Cold Hardy Fig Trees | Fig Tree Hardy to Zone 5!

If you have ever tasted the sun sweetened fruit fresh from a garden grown fig tree, you know what a treat it is! Now you can enjoy your own home grown figs - even in a large container for your patio!

How exciting - fresh, sweet, home grown figs grown in even cold regions! The Chicago Hardy fig is winter hardy to zone 5 with some protection. In the chilly areas, the plant may die back to the ground in late fall but will re-sprout in the spring. Because the Chicago Hardy Fig fruits on new wood (current season's growth) this cycle doesn't impact fig production. As another option, grow your fig in a beautiful large container and park it in a cool garage during the winter months. Because the Chicago Hardy Fig fruits on new growth, even a bitterly cold winter does not ruin its ability to produce delicious, sweet and juicy figs!

We have come into a bumper crop of these wonderful fig trees. They are growing fast in the Southern California sunshine, and are eager to join your garden and grow! This variety is self pollinating so one tree can produce without having a partner. Imagine sweet, ripe figs with paper thin prosciutto and glasses of wine on the back deck late this summer. Ahhh...

1 growing fig tree
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    Common Name:

    Hardy fig

    Botanical Name:

    Ficus carica Chicago Hardy syn. Bensonhurst Purple


    Full sun to dappled shade


    Zones 5-11


    To 8 feet, less in areas with annual winter top growth die back and 3-4 feet when grown in a pot


    Deep purple brown

    Bloom Season:

    No grown for flowers

    Bulb/Plant Size:

    actively growing fig tree plant, about 6" tall


    1 growing fig tree