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Cardiocrinum Giganteum
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Cardiocrinum Giganteum

An Amazon among even the tallest and most striking of garden beauties, Cardiocrinum giganteum is a standout in any garden. How could this huge plant do anything but, with its flower stakes topping out at 15 feet and its ability to produce 20 heavily perfumed trumpet-shaped flowers. Wow! But be prepared to be patient for these results; most bulbs take 3 to 4 years to settle in and bloom. During that time, while the bulb grows and expands, the plant earns its keep with attractive heart shaped leaves that are reminiscent of full size hostas'. The bulb also develops offsets, or baby bulbs along the side of the mother, ensuring future blooms. Only for true garden adventurers, this otherworldly giant is not like anything you'll see growing in your neighbor's yard!

The bulb itself is unusual, looking a bit like a flexible artichoke. Plant and prepare to be amazed!
$15.95 $12.95
1 robust bulb
  • Planting Guide

    25% of bulb above surface


    Water lightly until top growth appears and regularly thereafter


    Light to moderate shade


    6-8" apart

  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Himalayan lily

    Botanical Name:

    Cardiocrinum giganteum


    Light to medium shade


    Zones 7-10


    7 to 15 feet tall (no, that's not a typo)


    Large white trumpet shaped blossoms, very fragrant

    Bloom Season:


    Bulb/Plant Size:

    1 huge bulb rooted into a 1 gallon pot


    1 robust bulb