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Caper Bush (Culinary)
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Caper Bush (Culinary)

Caper Bush | Culinary Caper Berry Bush | Capparis Spinosa Plants
We're thrilled to offer this fun plant for cooks who love new adventures and who savor capers, those pickled green delicacies used in French, Mediterranean and Indian dishes. Capers are the unopened flower buds of the Capparis spinosa bush which are customarily harvested and brined before the blossoms pop open. The pickling is a snap (just vinegar, salt and water - here's a recipe). Should you decide to let the plants flower, the blossoms are pretty, a bit like single form roses, and edible fruit, known as caper berries, will develop.

Caper shrubs are unusual and attractive ornamentals that flower their second or third year and live for decades, steadily producing more buds and berries. These plants thrive in hot, dry environments and prefer full sun. So extremely drought tolerant, caper bushes are found throughout Greece and Italy growing out of the sides of ancient buildings! (see images below). Developed blooms are highly attractive to butterflies. Salt tolerant, and deer resistant too.

1 potted plant
  • Planting Guide

    Plant level with existing soil


    Water regularly until established, then during active growth only


    Full sun


  • Additional Details
    Common Name:

    Caper plant, caperberry bush

    Botanical Name:

    Capperis spinosa


    Full sun


    Zones 9-11, possibly to zone 8 with protective placement/mulch


    2-2.5 feet tall, can be trimmed hard in fall for more bud development


    Flower are white with violet stamen and sweetly fragrant

    Bloom Season:


    Bulb/Plant Size:

    4" pot


    1 potted plant